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Imani is Her Name

Moses LaFemme

hearkens to a voice;

let my people go

under cover of brush

sheltered by the night hues

carried by the wind

enslaved souls freed from bondage

someone holds her hand

someone holds her heart

Imani is her name

a self-taught man

soil, seed, strength

his only tools

the fruit thereof

frees minds and lives

of poverty’s chains

a people risen from the ground up

her words intone

“you can build up a people with bricks and mortar”

Imani is her name

a spirited matron

tired from her toils

rest, respect all that she ask

indignity assigned to her from birth

despise validated by decree

humanity dismissed by custom

born a movement to strip Sheriff Jim Crow of his badge

she keeps our heroine still

she gives our lady hope

Imani is her name

a modern-day army,

diverse in its ranks

united in its cause

forged to battle

invasion of life

hopes and aspirations

they confront threats to the future

she resolves ambivalent hearts

and encourages war weary spirits

Imani is her name

hope amidst despair

bold among terror

guide through unchartered paths

Imani is her name

daughter of creation

sister of love

mother of vision

Imani is her name

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