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Spring Has Sprung


A "Brother James Gang" member published March 8, 2023

I saw two robins this morning and thus inspired to publish the following reflections that I once shared with my local (live-in person) writers' group during one of our powwows:

I make it a point to feed the birds and occasional stray cats first thing in the morning. The feeding is first before other morning rituals. I distribute bird feed before my morning coffee and before breakfast on those days that I engage in the a.m. meal. I remind myself; feed the birdies feed the kitties.

I’ve been doing this routine for at least the past 20 years when my residence has included a yard or some kind of green space. I’m inclined to keep indoor plants when my abode is bound by concrete (or gravel) on all sides. When able I feed birds and sometimes cats looking for a morsel.

Mind you, these are not my birds or my cats. Feeding the birds is something I just feel like doing. In fact, I don’t even mind the squirrels getting some. I put much of the bird feed on the ground to include them. Raccoons and/or opossums sometimes eat what I put out but I’m not trying to feed them.

The fact is birds, squirrels and cats alike don’t depend upon my benevolence. They’ll eat with or without my contribution. The Scriptures say as much. “Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not neither do they reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them…. ” Matthew 6:26 As such no area’s bird, squirrel or cat population starves upon my leaving a neighborhood to relocate somewhere else.

The Lord uses me to help some of his creatures out. He supplies their needs before I move into their area and after I leave. I am so glad He favors me even more so than my feathered and furry friends. Their favor from Him is always. However, with me the bird squirrel feeding is seasonal. This ritual like eating Cream of Wheat other hot cereal is a winter seasonal habit.

The gourmet gifting ends when I begin filling my bowls with Grape Nuts and Smart Start in place of hot cereal. The wrens, pigeons and cardinals among others will soon need to work harder to get their meals once I see enough of their avian kin the robins.

I don’t care what the calendar says. The robin is God’s way of showing us spring has arrived. I’ve heard but haven’t confirmed that the Hebrew Book of Enoch defines spring as the beginning of the calendar year. Now of course, that affects our understanding of what seasons biblical events listed in the 66 books that make up the old and new testaments took place. But, right now, I’m not going too deep into that.

I’m just glad when I see my first robins of the year. I look for the robin rather than the groundhog to let me know when I can expect that Spring has sprung. And as always, I’m glad to see them.

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