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The Literary Hall of James Super 7 Island Classics

No story is an island. A tale whether written or spoken is meant to be shared. Islands too no matter how remote play a part of the larger global picture. Islands have proven to contribute a key role in our world’s own story. Here, I review the seven best written narratives in which an island or island chain plays a pivotal role. Having said that this list is not in a rank order but I did save the best for last. The island greats reviewed are limited to those books that I have read. As a result,

The Chicago Driver's Guide to Rideshare Street Smarts: Busy Boulevards/Michigan Ave

I drive people to their destinations as I drive towards my destiny. Frank Sinatra croons “State Street that great street” in his lyrical homage to Chicago. To me, Michigan Avenue is that great street when it comes to rideshare driving. It offers tremendous money-making opportunity. Michigan Ave is not a boulevard for its whole length. Its non-boulevard south side trek flows practically uninterrupted from 31st Street towards the southernmost city limits. Here it runs north to south and includes

The Chicago Drivers' Guide to Rideshare Street Smarts: The Lake's Edge—Near South Side

James has driven rideshare good through all 77 Chicago neighborhoods. The ten best rideshare driving locales include seven with Lake Michigan beach fronts. The remaining three rub elbows with Chicago River banks at some point. Near South Side shares a coast line with both the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.Its city center location flanked by Chicago’s premier waters draw residents, visitors and their rideshare demand. Neighborhoods that provide two sources of extraordinary demand will make yo

The 10 Best Places to Make Money Rideshare Driving in Chicago

James drives people from here to there with nary a care when he drives Chicago rideshare. 9,000 trips by the 2019 new year. The familiar mantra "location, location, location" is used to explain business success for everything from real estate to restaurants. Rideshare, the chauffeur on-demand service offered by Uber, Lyft, and Via follows the same model. Location matters. Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. I've found the best way to get rideshare dollars is by going to the busiest areas. Here

Juneteenth: A Celebration of Freedom

James is a self-proclaimed history nerd who believes that for many Americans, Independence Day happens in June. Juneteenth honors the official end of slavery in the United States of America and its territories. It is the oldest known observance that celebrates this historic event. Today, Juneteenth is designated as a commemorative observance holiday or legal holiday in the District of Columbia and 48 of the nation’s 50 states. Hawaii, and South Dakota are the only states that don't recognize it

Sweet 15: The Anniversary of an Automotive Legend

15 years and over 180,000 miles later my Cavalier proved legit, and showed no sign of quit. It has been over 10 years since General Motors quit producing the Chevrolet Cavalier. Yet, the Cavalier still rolls on. I visited the acclaimed Kelley Blue Book web site (the place to go when evaluating cars) in 2015. The 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier, with 1,672 consumer reviews, had an overall rating of 7.9 on a scale of 10. Upon reading this, it occurred to me that I was even more satisfied with my ’00 cava

The Literary "Hall of James" Favorite Fictional Characters /Julie

James is a fan of action adventure stories that have a historical element to them.. Julie had to leave her house to find her home. Along the way, she survived not as a lone wolf but as alone among the wolves. Character Julie (new school name) Miyax (old school name) Julie much like Mark Sway, the adolescent hero of The Client is a survivor despite her young age. She begins her journey alone on Alaska’s unmerciful tundra during the burgeoning stage in life that is 13 years of age. She arrives

The Literary "Hall of James" Favorite Fictional Characters / Teresa Mendoza

James is a fan of action adventure stories that have a historical element to them.. The Queen of the South (cover) Life gave Teresa Mendoza lemons and she made lemonade… with a vengeance. Teresa, better known by her alias, “the queen of the south”, took her lemons and squeezed out lemonade using an ingredient mixture of good fortune and even better fortitude. As a result, she transformed from a mild mannered girlfriend of a Sinaloa drug cartel pilot (Güero Dávila) into a mysterious, enterprisi

The Literary "Hall of James" Favorite Fictional Characters /Bagheera

James came to know Bagheera from books borrowed from his home town library while in grade school. Baggy is still among his favorites Bagheera was a big cat who hung out with a bear and wolves. That alone makes him stand out. Best among the Beast Bagheera is my favorite animal among fictional literary characters. I being canine centric tend to favor dogkind. Raksha, a wolf from the same story, displayed fearlessness defending Mowgli her adopted man cub. She is the only one among the four legge

Soul Searching

Matthew 18:8-9 KJV Holy Bible 8) Wherefore, if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast them from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire. 9) And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out and cast it from thee: it is better to enter into life with one eye than having two eyes to be cast into hellfire. Americans delivered the Republican party a Godsend in the guise of a seven

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I write not as a career but instead as a calling. I seek to send messages, fulfill missions and advance movements with my pen, laptop and whatever other writing tools of choice are available. And when money is earned doing this then all the better.

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